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Briana DiTommaso

Briana DiTommaso is an Italian/Greek American Restauranteur, Executive Chef, Wine Maker, Model, and Mother. Raised on a vineyard in the heart of Long Grove, her parents passed along the knowledge and tradition that only generations of winemakers ever acquire. Mentored by some of the most prestigious names in the industry; Patrick Chabert, Jean Banchet, and Michael Coatrieux have ensured that her portfolio and her accomplishments are many. From standing up award winning restaurant concepts to providing some of the most notable restaurants their baked sundries, Briana has and can do it all…



Growing Amongst The Vines

My father and mother instilled in me my enduring work ethic and passion for food at a very young age. Growing up on the vineyard amongst a sea of grapes was a gift I had no idea I was given until it took to the kitchen. Watching my father tend to the vines daily in hopes of a good harvest and my mother toiling by his side showed me the value of hard work and the intense focus it takes to create something of quality. I am a winemakers daughter and that is a gift that made me understand what quality is. I thank the vineyard for making me the professional I am today.


Briana DiTommaso Joins Provocativo as Head Wine and Tastemaker
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On Screen

I live to travel and love to showcase the gems that make life worth living. Eating is my way to connect with new people, places, and cultures. I hope to do them justice on this side of the lens…
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My inspiration, passion, and lifelong philosophy... "First we eat, then we do everything else!"

— Briana Cardone

Cooking With Class

My mentors taught me that cooking can and should be done with class. It is the cornerstone of my work ethic in the kitchen and in life. Holding myself to this standard has helped me approach the kitchen with a very focused mindset and continues to force me to be a student of my trade. Thank you to all the positive influencers in my life, I love and respect each and everyone of you!


Work. Play. Family.

When it comes to work I am a spartan, when it comes to play I am a fierce participant, when it comes to family I am a bleeding heart. Living a balanced life is the cornerstone to happiness and prosperity, but doing it with passion makes it special. I am grateful for all the beautiful people and experiences that make life worth living.



I Can’t Be Caged While Cooking

When it comes to my attitude in the kitchen…it’s get elbows deep with me or get out of my way. The kitchen is where I feel most comfortable and where I am the most creative. I can feel my senses come alive and I make use of all of them. I love the colors, textures, aromas, and flavors that cooking brings to life. It makes me feel alive, it gives me purpose, and it provides others sustenance. I can’t think of anything more reflective of who I am…a chef and I am a damn good one!

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